Fuzion Tires: Best Review & Ratings for (2017)

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Fuzion Tires: The Who, What & Where

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The Fuzion SUV tire is a highway, all-season tire that is specifically made for those

that drive sport utility vehicles (SUV), full-size vans, crossovers, and even the light

duty pickup trucks. These tires are designed to incorporate the quiet comfortable drive

of the passenger tire and the nice appearance of a light truck’s tire.

These tires provide all-season traction These tires have a rubber tread compound that

helps with good wear whether it be for dry, wet and winter driving conditions. The

compound has a symmetric tread design, that features tie-barred shoulders, this helps

improve on-road handling. They have independent intermediate blocks, that help give

traction in bad weather. They also feature a continuous center rib that helps with

straight line tracking.  There are 4 circumferential grooves, block edges and sipes.

These grooves, block edges and sipes help to channel water, enhancing wet traction.

Internal construction of these tires feature twin steel belts that are reinforced with

spiral wrapped nylon- giving durability and strength.

The Fuzion Touring tires have H, T or V speed ratings. The H & V Speed rating tires

are all-season grand touring tires. These tires are for those that drive sedans, coupes,

mini-vans and even small crossovers. They have good tread wear and give good

traction, and a quiet ride. These tires are silica-enhanced, with an all season

compound that has a symmetric design similar to the SUV tire. They have two high

tensile steel belts, that are reinforced with spiral wrapped nylon, on top of a polyester

casing. This design feature is used to give strength and to improve handling and the

quality of the ride.The T speed rated tires are standard all-season touring tires.


The Fuzion Ultra High Performance (UHP) tire, was made for the sport compact and

sports car drivers. These tires are for those drives who want tires that provide all-

season traction and also want tires that have an aggressive appearance. These tires

have responsive handling and great traction in all types of weather conditions. Some

features of these tires are, twin steel belts that are reinforced with nylon, polyester

cord casing and a rubber ridge on the lower sidewalls.


What is Safercar.gov saying about these tires? Safercar.gov gives these radial tires

traction ratings of A, wear ratings between 320 and 480, and temperature ratings of

either A or B.

What are people saying about the Fuzion SUV tire? Mixed reviews for this tire. People

are saying the noise these tires make after just a few thousand miles is pretty irritating.

Who wants a tire that’s loud? But there are some that definitely recommend these

budget friendly tires.

What are people saying about the Fuzion Touring tire?  Good traction. Great tire for

the price but compared to other tires this is just a “good” tire, nothing great or

amazing about it. People again are saying that the noise these tires make is quite


What are people saying about the Fuzion UHP tire? Surprisingly people seem to like

these tires, even though most start off their reviews with something like “considering

this tires are cheap”.

They say these tires have good tread wear and are surprised at the

quality of these tires compared to their price.


What are people saying about the Fuzion HRi tire? Reviews on this tire are about

equal, half of them greatly dislike this tire and the other half have a great like for this


According to customers these tires are noisy, and have only “okay” handling and

give an “okay” ride.


Where are Fuzion Tires available for purchase? Fuzion Tires are available for purchase here: