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Futura Tires: The Who What & Where

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Futura Tires are the private label brand exclusive to Pep Boys.

They are available in all common passenger car and truck sizes.


Who manufactures Futura tires? Futura tires are a

brand of tires specifically made for and sold in Pep Boys stores,

manufactured by the Cooper Tire Company.

Cooper Tire Company was started in 1914.

Cooper Tire Company is the 9th largest global tire manufacturer,

and come in at 4th largest in the USA.

There are four different grades in the Futura line – LTE, HR, VR and the Scrambler SUV tire.

Futura LTE is considered the premium featured line. The Futura 2000 LTE tires

are a touring tire that has good mileage, a comfortable ride and is good for all season

handling. These tires have an open should design & four circumferential tread grooves

that help to give good wet handling. They also feature a computer aided harmonic tread design giving a quieter ride.


It balances considerations like gas mileage and smooth ride with handling.


It is an average tire – if you do most of your driving on well paved roads in generally pleasant weather, this tire might be a good choice for you.


Futura Touring HR tires are “H” speed rated  all season touring tires. These tires

are said to be for customers looking for touring performance tires within a reasonable

price. These tires feature optimized bead contour, giving better rim fitment and

improving the quality of the ride. They also have circumferential and lateral grooves

that provide wet handling and traction.These tires have standard wear and offer

excellent traction.


As said above, It is rated for “H” speeds.  Of course you always drive at H speed, right?

I’m not sure why they use these abbreviations either.

It would be just as simple to say that this tire is rated to travel at 130 miles per hour.


If you are regularly driving faster than 130 miles per hour, you will need to consider another tire. Which most of us don’t have to worry about 🙂

Futura Touring VR tires are have similar features to the HR tires, they are “V”

speed rated. They also have optimized bead contour, to improve the quality of the ride

as well as giving better rim fitment. These tires have a spiral nylon overwrap. This

improves uniformity and the appearance of the tires while eliminating rapid tread wear.

More about the “V” rating:

As you might suspect, this is a “V” speed rated unit.

“V” rated tires are appropriate for up to about 150 miles per hour.

Higher performance cars sometimes call for this speed rating, and many shops will only install a V rated tire on these cars for insurance reasons.

So even though you never drive your Audi S6 more than 30 miles per hour, you are probably going to end up with a V rated tire whether you like it or not.


Futura Scrambler tires are considered entry level, all season tires for SUV’s and

light trucks. They feature an open shoulder design and four circumferential tread

grooves that work together to provide good wet traction. These tires have a rigid lower sidewall that enhances handling and stability.


This tire is biased toward the traction needs of a four-wheel drive vehicle.

It is on the cheaper side for SUV tires, and there are many satisfied customers using this tire today, if need a budget friendly tire, this will do the job.


What are they saying about Futura LTE tires? These tires have a tread wear rating
of 420 , a temperature rating of B, and a traction rating of A.
People enjoy these tires, lots say that they have or will be repurchasing
these tires when its time.
They note that the traction is great, the noise level is low and
they handle very nicely.
What are they saying about the Futura Touring HR tires?
These tires have a tread wear rating of 420, a Temperature rating
of A and a traction rating of AA.
Those that have purchased this product have tons of positive things
to say about them.
Most are surprised at the great traction they offer in wet conditions,
considering that they are so reasonably priced.
What are people saying about the Futura Touring LR tires? These tires have a
tread  wear rating of 360, a temperature rating of A, and a traction rating of A.
Customers say they like these tires.
Good quality for the price.
What are they saying about Futura Scrambler tires?
These tires have a tread wear rating of 400 , a temperature rating of B and a traction
rating of A Reviews on these tires have been good as well.
These tires seem to have great traction, in wet and off road conditions.


 Where are Futura tires available? You are able to purchase Futura tires here

Futura Tire Coupons?

Pep Boys runs an aggressive marketing campaign for their tires as well as the other automotive products that they have in their stores.

You will often be able to find coupons and deals listed on this site that can save you a ton of money on your car part needs.

If you don’t see one listed, be sure to check back often before you make your purchase.

Futura Tire Warranty

Each different model of tire comes with a performance warranty.

These can vary in length between 30,000 miles up to over 80,000 miles.

The material used in the tire dictates how long the tread life is guaranteed for.

More aggressive performance tires use a softer rubber that will wear quicker,

than the hard rubber used in a long life standard performance tire, so be sure to understand the restrictions on the warranty before you leave the store.

Sometimes there are ways to invalidate your warranty that you hadn’t, considered and this can lead to

an unhappy surprise when it is time to replace those tires. Also be sure to keep your

tires properly inflated and rotated to ensure even tread wear.