Capitol Tires : Best (2017) Review & Ratings

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Capitol Tires: The Who, What & Where

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Who manufactures Capitol tires? Capitol tires are manufactured by Itochu International and the Nexen Tire Corporation. The

Nexen Tire Corporation has been manufacturing tires since the early 1940′s. Who are Capital Brand tires made for?  Currently

there are Capitol Brand tires to fit cars, light trucks as well as commercial light trucks.

Capitol tires are available in a number of different sizes.

Capitol Tires offer a Sports Series as well as a Precision Trac and Precision Trac II series. The Sports series tires are all-season

radial tires. These tires can be used on regular or sport-type vehicles.

Within the Sports Series there are Sport UHP (Ultra High Performance Brand) tires, and Sport UHP Plus types of tires.

The UHP tires are known for their versatility, performing well whether you are driving to work or driving during severe road

conditions. Capitol Tires Sport UHP tires  have directional tread pattern and a  wide double-center rib. The directional tread

pattern helps make this tire a great wet weather tire, and helps keep the noise of a highway drive to a minimum. The wide double-

center rib of these tires help to maintain a greater stability at top speeds and the benefit of increased braking control.

The Precision Trac II series of tires are for use on light trucks. The tread on these particular tires are deep, making these tires

good for all-season use. These tires are capable for use in different road conditions. They will maintain good traction in rainy, wet

and even in snowy road conditions.

Looking for tires for a Commercial light truck? Capitol tires offer Commercial H/T or H/T LTR for these particular trucks. These

tires are great for constant heavy usage.


What are people saying about Capitol Tires?

When it comes to tire performance ( traction, wear & temp rating), tire design and to the overall price of the tire, customer

reviews are saying that these tires are great! Government rating of these tires are also very well. Capitol tires have rating A

(second to the AA rating) in traction and temp rating. They also score between 360 & 420 in their wear rating. They are said to

be entry-level high performance radial tires.

What are they saying about the Capitol Tires Sports Series?  Customer reviews say that these tires perform well for their price.

They are said to look good, provide a smooth ride and perform well in varying weather conditions.

What are they saying about HT/HTLR tires?

These commercial light truck tires have good tread, good performance, an overall good appearance and keep road noise to a low.

What are they saying about the Precision Trac II tires?

Those that have used these particular tires have nothing but positive things to say. They did mention that after the tires have

reached speeds of about 70 mphs the tires are slightly warm. These tires are also known to provide a smooth ride.


Where can you purchase Capitol Tires?

Capitol Tires are available to be purchased at Here.