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Buckshot tires are made by the Denman Rubber Company.

The Denman Rubber Company was started in 1919 by Walter Denman.

Maxxis Buckshot Mudder tire is a rugged mud terrain tire. It features include a double

steel-belted radial construction, this type of construction is good for long-lasting wear

and uniformity. It also has joint-less spiral-wrapped full nylon cap, that gives this tire

added strength and stability. It has an extra strong, durable casing that helps to resist

punctures and abrasions.

It is made with a premium rubber compound with tread siping that helps to deliver

maximum control it several different weather conditions. This tire is also pinned for

studs. This tire has what is considered a moderately aggressive tread pattern. It’s tread

pattern is made up of wide separated, voids that are deep and self-cleaning, and large

siped lugs. These tires are made to perform well in the sand.

Maxxis Buckshot Mudder Radial Tires are tires for the drivers that need more grip and

traction than just an all terrain tire can give but don’t quiet need such an aggressive

tire like the mud tire. These tires are made to be quieter on the street and to give a nice



What are people saying about the Maxxis Buckshot Mudder tire ?

These tires have many great reviews by those that have purchased them.

Customers are saying that these tires do great in the mud, on rock and in the snow.

They say that considering they are a more aggressive mud tire that they aren’t as noisy

on the road as they have witnessed with other aggressive tires.

They agree that they are great tires for the price they can get them at,

which according to them is cheap.

Others dislike these tires and say they don’t drive great on ice and

they’re way too loud, and that they are poor quality tires,

that you definitely get what you pay for, and these

are worth even a low price.

Most do agree that these aren’t the prettiest tires, especially when you place

them next to the more expensive mud tires.

What are people saying about the Maxxis Buckshot Mudder Radial Tires? There are

very few reviews of these tires, but those that have reviewed them seem to enjoy them.

Most reviewers have placed these on their jeeps. They have said that these Maxxis

Buckshot Mudder Radial Tires handle very well. They also notice that they are a lot

quieter than the more aggressive mud tires on the street.


Where can you purchase Buckshot Tires? Buckshot tires are available for purchase

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