Best Accelera Tires: Review & Ratings (Updated for 2017)

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Accelera tires review: who are they and what makes them better?

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Accelera was created with one thing in mind and that was the affordability of a good tire at a great price.

Who makes these tire lines? its a company out of Indonesia called PT Elangperdana Tyre Industry.

Some background on Accelera brand is that the company was created in 1996, over the last decade the Accerlera tire brand has

rapidly grown into the light truck and passenger tire market with two major performance lines: Accelera Alpha and Phi Tires.

Accelera Alpha tires are rated for speed in three letters, V, W & Y. These of course vary and are specific to the particular tire. It

looks as though the average for these tires would be a V speed rating.  These tires are rated with a tread wear rating of 320, a

temperature rating of A, and a traction rating of AA . These tires feature a V-Type directional tread pattern, this type of pattern

helps to give these tires excellent water drainage, this helps to resist aquaplaning. They have a continuous center tread rib, this

center tread rib enhances the high-speed driving stability of these tires.

They feature a variable pitch sequence which reduces noise, giving a quieter ride.They also have a rim protector, that helps to

protect the wheel from accidental damage in case of accidental contact with a curb.Those that have purchased Accelera Alpha

tires are pleased with their overall performance. They mention the great handling of these tires, they wear evenly and are fairly


Accelera Phi tires feature an asymmetrical tread pattern. This type of pattern is designed for high performance and to give

maximum stability on several types of conditions you may face on the road. These tires have a tread wear rating of 300, a traction

rating of AA and a temperature rating of A. Customers enjoy these tires and are pleased with the appearance of these tires.

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