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Doral Tires Review & Ratings

The Who What & Where of Doral Tires


Who manufactures the  Doral Tires Brand? Doral Tire Brand is owned by the Treadways Corporation. Doral Tires are manufactured in Japan under the Sumitomo Rubber Industries. Sumitomo Rubber Industries is able to trace back their origins to the early 1900′s, originially named the Sumitomo Group. In 1963 Sumitomo Group changed their name to Sumitomo Rubber Industries after they acquired the Dunlop  Japan.

doral-tiresDoral Tires are made to not only be durable but to be affordable for the consumer.  These tires are rated to last some where between 35 thousand – 50 thousand miles, this wear rating  of course varies between the different sizes and uses of the tire. Doral tires are made for not only a passenger car but also for light  trucks and some farm machinery. Doral Tires are known to have a great tread that performs well by maintaining good traction in slippery wet conditions.

The SDL line of Doral tires are some of the more popularly known Doral tires and their bestselling line.  The SDL line of tires are known for being affordable and good quality tires. Some say that the SDL line is the premium line of Doral tires. The SDL line is also known for having great all-season tread, steel belts and a polyester cord body- making these long lasting, durable, all-season tires.


What are people saying about Doral Tires?

Safercar.gov ratings on the  traction of these tires come in at an A ( second place to a AA rating). The temp rating on these tires range from a B rating to an A rating (again with the best rating being a AA rating), depending on the size and tire line. Seventy five percent of tires are rated A.

Wear ratings on these tires also vary, ranging from as low as 280 and as high as 480, of course this varies on the tire size and line. Twenty five percent of tires are rated between 201 & 300 for tread wear, and twenty percent of tires are rated between 401 and 500.

What are customers saying though? As with all things, customers have mixed reviews on these tires.

Some customers are saying that the tires aren’t worth the price (even though they are said to be cheap, quality tires).  Customers say that the wear may be expected for 40,000 miles but to expect only 20,000 miles out of them, with even just normal day to day driving and that it’s not worth the hassle to get these tires only to have them wear out soon and needing to have them replaced again so shortly.

Other drives (slow and steady, average and aggressive) love these tires. They rave about the good traction these tires have in wet conditions (rainy, snowy and icy). They are pleased with the overall appearance of the tires and they say that considering they are cheaply priced that they are quality tires. Overall it seems like the tires are of fairly good quality considering the low price you are able to purchase them at.


Where can you purchase Doral Tires? Doral Tires are available for purchase through..
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Review Of Futura Tires & Ratings

The Who What & Where on Futura Tires.


Who manufactures Futura tires? Futura tires are a brand of tires specifically made for and sold in Pep Boys stores, manufactured by the Cooper Tire Company. Cooper Tire Company was started in 1914. Cooper Tire Company is the 9th largest global tire manufacturer, and come in at 4th largest in the USA.

futura-tiresFutura LTE is considered the premium featured line. The Futura 2000 LTE tires are a touring tire that has good mileage, a comfortable ride and is good for all season handling. These tires have an open should design & four circumferential tread grooves that help to give good wet handling. They also feature a computer aided harmonic tread design giving a quieter ride.


Futura Touring HR tires are “H” speed rated  all season touring tires. These tires are said to be for customers looking for touring performance tires within a reasonable price. These tires feature optimized bead contour, giving better rim fitment and improving the quality of the ride. They also have circumferential and lateral grooves that provide wet handling and traction.These tires have standard wear and offer excellent traction.

Futura Touring VR tires are have similar features to the HR tires, they are “V” speed rated. They also have optimized bead contour, to improve the quality of the ride as well as giving better rim fitment. These tires have a spiral nylon overwrap. This improves uniformity and the appearance of the tires while eliminating rapid tread wear.


Futura Scrambler tires are considered entry level, all season tires for SUV’s and light trucks. They feature an open shoulder design and four circumferential tread grooves that work together to provide good wet traction. These tires have a rigid lower sidewall that enhances handling and stability.




What are they saying about Futura LTE tires? These tires have a tread wear rating of 420 , a temperature rating of B, and a traction rating of A.  People enjoy these tires, lots say that they have or will be repurchasing these tires when its time. They note that the traction is great, the noise level is low and they handle very nicely.


What are they saying about the Futura Touring HR tires? These tires have a tread wear rating of 420, a Temperature rating of A and a traction rating of AA. Those that have purchased this product have tons of positive things to say about them. Most are surprised at the great traction they offer in wet conditions, considering that they are so reasonably priced.


What are people saying about the Futura Touring LR tires? These tires have a tread wear rating of 360, a temperature rating of A, and a traction rating of A. Customers say they like these tires. Good quality for the price.


What are they saying about Futura Scrambler tires? These tires have a tread wear rating of 400 , a temperature rating of B and a traction rating of A Reviews on these tires have been good as well. These tires seem to have great traction, in wet and off road conditions.




Where are Futura tires available? You are able to purchase Futura tires here



Fuzion Tires Review & Ratings

The Who, What & Where on Fuzion Tires.


The Fuzion SUV tire is a highway, all-season tire that is specifically made for those that drive sport utility vehicles (SUV), full-size vans, crossovers, and even the light duty pickup trucks. These tires are designed to incorporate the quiet comfortable drive of the passenger tire and the nice appearance of a light truck’s tire.

fuzionThese tires provide all-season traction These tires have a rubber tread compound that helps with good wear whether it be for dry, wet and winter driving conditions. The compound has a symmetric tread design, that features tie-barred shoulders, this helps improve on-road handling. They have independent intermediate blocks, that help give traction in bad weather. They also feature a continuous center rib that helps with straight line tracking.  There are 4 circumferential grooves, block edges and sipes. These grooves, block edges and sipes help to channel water, enhancing wet traction. Internal construction of these tires feature twin steel belts that are reinforced with spiral wrapped nylon- giving durability and strength.

The Fuzion Touring tires have H, T or V speed ratings. The H & V Speed rating tires are all-season grand touring tires. These tires are for those that drive sedans, coupes, mini-vans and even small crossovers. They have good tread wear and give good traction, and a quiet ride. These tires are silica-enhanced, with an all season compound that has a symmetric design similar to the SUV tire. They have two high tensile steel belts, that are reinforced with spiral wrapped nylon, on top of a polyester casing. This design feature is used to give strength and to improve handling and the quality of the ride.The T speed rated tires are standard all-season touring tires.

The Fuzion Ultra High Performance (UHP) tire, was made for the sport compact and sports car drivers. These tires are for those drives who want tires that provide all-season traction and also want tires that have an aggressive appearance. These tires have responsive handling and great traction in all types of weather conditions. Some features of these tires are, twin steel belts that are reinforced with nylon, polyester cord casing and a rubber ridge on the lower sidewalls.


What is Safercar.gov saying about these tires? Safercar.gov gives these radial tires traction ratings of A, wear ratings between 320 and 480, and temperature ratings of either A or B.

What are people saying about the Fuzion SUV tire? Mixed reviews for this tire. People are saying the noise these tires make after just a few thousand miles is pretty irritating. Who wants a tire that’s loud? But there are some that definitely recommend these budget friendly tires.

What are people saying about the Fuzion Touring tire?  Good traction. Great tire for the price but compared to other tires this is just a “good” tire, nothing great or amazing about it. People again are saying that the noise these tires make is quite annoying.

What are people saying about the Fuzion UHP tire? Surprisingly people seem to like these tires, even though most start off their reviews with something like “considering this tires are cheap”. They say these tires have good tread wear and are surprised at the quality of these tires compared to their price.

What are people saying about the Fuzion HRi tire? Reviews on this tire are about equal, half of them greatly dislike this tire and the other half have a great like for this tire.  According to customers these tires are noisy, and have only “okay” handling and give an “okay” ride.


Where are Fuzion Tires available for purchase? Fuzion Tires are available for purchase here:

Primewell Tires Review & Ratings

Primewell tires are manufactured by Giti Tire. Giti Tire is a tire company with headquarters in Singapore.

Safercar.gov gives Primewell Tires Traction ratings of A & AA, temperature ratings of A & B and wear ratings between 300 & 620. These of course depend on the tire line.

primewell-ps860Primewell PS830 and PS850 are Passenger Touring tires. These tires are S, T & H speed rated tires. They have many features to them. These features include: 4 wide circumferential grooves, advanced variable pitch tread, extended should grooves, an all season designed tread, and a circumferential center groove. These features give benefits such as excellent cornering stability, water is evacuated effectively, the ride is smooth and quiet even at high speeds, and enhanced lateral traction. Customers don’t seem to recommend these tires, stating that they don’t have that great of a tread wear, even though they say they aren’t bad looking tires.

Primewell Valera Touring tires are H speed rated tires. The features on these tires include: a variable pitch design that gives a smooth, comfortable, and quiet ride, modern pattern that combines blocks and lugs that help deliver traction, braking and maneuverability, smooth as well as wide circumferential grooves that help to evacuate water efficiently to give great wet traction and braking, and a continuous center rib with circumferential block ribs that help improve straight-line stability, uniform tread life and excellent handling. Not many reviews of this tire, people seem to like them.

Primewell PZ900 tires are Max Performance tires. With speed ratings of H & W. These tires feature an advanced rim protection design, variable pitch tread design, V-shaped tread that has 2 wide circumferential grooves, and a circumferential wide center rib as well as progressive angled tread elements. Combined these features give this tire a quiet smooth ride, sidewall stability, water is efficiently evacuated for great wet handling, and enhanced traction and handling.

Primewell PS860 tires are Sport Performance tires. These tires are S speed rated. Some features of these tires include: extended shoulder grooves, 3 circumferential grooves, a dual circumferential center rib, 2 dual nylon cap-strips, triple wide longitudinal grooves, lateral grooves, multiple sipes, 2 high-tension steel belts, 2 dual nylon cap-strips. These features help to give this car cornering and straight-line stability, excellent wet performance and handling, These tires evacuate water quickly to help prevent aquaplaning, they have tread stability and the casing is protected, and a quiet ride. People that have reviewed these items say for the price being so affordable, they’re definitely a good choice.

Primewell PA100 tires are for use with light trucks. These tires give you an all-terrain aggressive traction for an affordable price. Customers give this tires a thumbs up, with minimal complaints about the loudness of these tires on the highway.

Primewell Valera HT are all-season highway SUV and light truck tires. The have R, S & T speed ratings. Features of this tire include, excellent handling, a comfortable ride, good stability, great grip and maneuverability, a great balance of dry & wet handling, and road noises are reduced to a minimum. Customers say: good traction, good price, a little noisy on the highway, but the do give a comfortable ride.

Buckshot Tires Review & Ratings

The Who, What & Where on Buskshot Tires.


Buckshot tires are made by the Denman Rubber Company. The Denman Rubber Company was started in 1919 by Walter Denman.

Maxxis Buckshot Mudder tire is a rugged mud terrain tire. It features include a double steel-belted radial construction, this type of construction is good for long-lasting wear and uniformity. It also has jointless spiral-wrapped full nylon cap, that gives this tire added strength and stability. It has an extra strong, durable casing that helps to resist punctures and abrasions.

buckshoot-tiresIt is made with a premium rubber compound with tread siping that helps to deliver maximum control it several different weather conditions. This tire is also pinned for studs. This tire has what is considered a moderately aggressive tread pattern. It’s tread pattern is made up of wide separated, voids that are deep and self-cleaning, and large siped lugs. These tires are made to perform well in the sand.

Maxxis Buckshot Mudder Radial Tires are tires for the drivers that need more grip and traction than just an all terrain tire can give but don’t quiet need such an aggressive tire like the mud tire. These tires are made to be quieter on the street and to give a nice ride.


What are people saying about the Maxxis Buckshot Mudder tire ? These tires have many great reviews by those that have purchased them. Customers are saying that these tires do great in the mud, on rock and in the snow. They say that considering they are a more aggressive mud tire that they aren’t as noisy on the road as they have witnessed with other aggressive tires. They agree that they are great tires for the price they can get them at, which according to them is cheap.  Others dislike these tires and say they don’t drive great on ice and they’re way too loud, and that they are poor quality tires, that you definitely get what you pay for, and these are worth even a low price. Most do agree that these aren’t the prettiest tires, especially when you place them next to the more expensive mud tires.

What are people saying about the Maxxis Buckshot Mudder Radial Tires? There are very few reviews of these tires, but those that have reviewed them seem to enjoy them. Most reviewers have placed these on their jeeps. They have said that these Maxxis Buckshot Mudder Radial Tires handle very well. They also notice that they are a lot quieter than the more aggressive mud tires on the street.


Where can you purchase Buckshot Tires? Buckshot tires are available for purchase through

Trazano Tires Review & Ratings

The Who, What & Where of  Trazano Tires


Trazano Tires are made by Trazano LLC. Located in Los Angeles, California. They are said to have been developed by & for independent tire dealers.They currently have tires for passenger and performance cars, as well as for light trucks and SUV’s.

TRAZANO1647The Passenger tires (SA05) have performance construction, slick center tread element and Asymmetric Tread Block. The Performance Touring tires (H550A) have angled shoulder slots, a continuous center rib, segmented mold construction, random pitch variation, two steel belts as well as two nylon cap piles, Polyester Cord Body Ply Construction and long wearing tread.

The SU307 tire is a premium quality truck or SUV tire. It has a unique cross-tread pattern, advanced tread technology, twin aqua channels, wide center-groove design and are good for multi-purpose use.

The SL309 tire is a Light truck radial highway or all terrain tire. It is a rugged multi-purpose radial tire. It features a multi-sipe tread, random pitch variation, it is puncture resistant and offers a comfortable ride. This tire is available in 15″ and 16″ sizes.

The SL325 tire is an aggressive all terrain tire. This tire features large aggressive tread blocks, large shoulder blocks, circumferential grooves and a long wearing, quiet running center footprint.

Trazano Tires come with a limited warranty. This warranty coverage is for a maximum period of 72 months from date of manufacture. This includes a “Free Replacement Policy” time line. This policy is good for only the first 2/32″ of usuable original tread of within the first 12 months from the time of purchase.  There is also a list of what is not covered under the warranty, which is always good to check before purchasing tires. Things included in this “not covered” list include road hazards injuries, -such as cuts and punctures to the tires- and racing or off road use and improper application.

As with all warranties the user has obligations of their own. This includes the tires needing to be properly installed with the proper air pressure, as well as being balanced at the time of purchase.  These tires will need to be rotated every 6,000 miles, with the air pressure and alignment checked.



What are customers saying about Trazano Tires?

From the few reviews that have been found, customers are saying that these tires have good traction on wet ground, the off road response of these tires is good, and that the tires have a great tread wear. Star wise, these tires seem to be getting around a 3- 3.5 star rating.


Where can you buy Trazano Tires? Trazano Tires are available for purchase from

Capitol Tires Review & Ratings

The Who, What & Where on Capitol Tires. 


Who manufactures Capitol tires? Capitol tires are manufactured by Itochu International and the Nexen Tire Corporation. The Nexen Tire Corporation has been manufacturing tires since the early 1940′s. Who are Capital Brand tires made for?  Currently there are Capitol Brand tires to fit cars, light trucks as well as commercial light trucks. Capitol tires are available in a number of different sizes.

capitol_precisiontracii_owl_sidewallCapitol Tires offer a Sports Series as well as a Precision Trac and Precision Trac II series. The Sports series tires are all-season radial tires. These tires can be used on regular or sport-type vehicles. Within the Sports Series there are Sport UHP (Ultra High Performance Brand) tires, and Sport UHP Plus types of tires.

The UHP tires are known for their versatility, performing well whether you are driving to work or driving during severe road conditions. Capitol Tires Sport UHP tires  have directional tread pattern and a  wide double-center rib. The directional tread pattern helps make this tire a great wet weather tire, and helps keep the noise of a highway drive to a minimum. The wide double-center rib of these tires help to maintain a greater stability at top speeds and the benefit of increased braking control.

The Precision Trac II series of tires are for use on light trucks. The tread on these particular tires are deep, making these tires good for all-season use. These tires are capable for use in different road conditions. They will maintain good traction in rainy, wet and even in snowy road conditions.

Looking for tires for a Commercial light truck? Capitol tires offer Commercial H/T or H/T LTR for these particular trucks. These tires are great for constant heavy usage.


What are people saying about Capitol Tires?

When it comes to tire performance ( traction, wear & temp rating), tire design and to the overall price of the tire, customer reviews are saying that these tires are great! Government rating of these tires are also very well. Capitol tires have rating A (second to the AA rating) in traction and temp rating. They also score between 360 & 420 in their wear rating. They are said to be entry-level high performance radial tires.

What are they saying about the Capitol Tires Sports Series?  Customer reviews say that these tires perform well for their price. They are said to look good, provide a smooth ride and perform well in varying weather conditions.

What are they saying about HT/HTLR tires?

These commercial light truck tires have good tread, good performance, an overall good appearance and keep road noise to a low.

What are they saying about the Precision Trac II tires?

Those that have used these particular tires have nothing but positive things to say. They did mention that after the tires have reached speeds of about 70 mphs the tires are slightly warm. These tires are also known to provide a smooth ride.


Where can you purchase Capitol Tires?

Capitol Tires are available to be purchased at



Accelera Tires Review & Ratings

Accelera tires review: who are they and what makes them better?

Accelera was created with one thing in mind and that was the affordability of a good tire at a great price. Who makes these tire lines? its a company out of Indonesia called PT Elangperdana Tyre Industry.

18-Accelera-Tires-BMW-5-Series-E39-E60-4Some background on Accelera brand is that the company was created in 1996, over the last decade the Accerlera tire brand has rapidly grown into the light truck and passenger tire market with two major performance lines: Accelera Alpha and Phi Tires.

Accelera Alpha tires are rated for speed in three letters, V, W & Y. These of course vary and are specific to the particular tire. It looks as though the average for these tires would be a V speed rating.  These tires are rated with a tread wear rating of 320, a temperature rating of A, and a traction rating of AA . These tires feature a V-Type directional tread pattern, this type of pattern helps to give these tires excellent water drainage, this helps to resist aquaplaning. They have a continuous center tread rib, this center tread rib enhances the high-speed driving stability of these tires.

They feature a variable pitch sequence which reduces noise, giving a quieter ride.They also have a rim protector, that helps to protect the wheel from accidental damage in case of accidental contact with a curb.Those that have purchased Accelera Alpha tires are pleased with their overall performance. They mention the great handling of these tires, they wear evenly and are fairly quiet.

Accelera Phi tires feature an asymmetrical tread pattern. This type of pattern is designed for high performance and to give maximum stability on several types of conditions you may face on the road. These tires have a tread wear rating of 300, a traction rating of AA and a temperature rating of A. Customers enjoy these tires and are pleased with the appearance of these tires.


Best Low Profile Tires | Insider’s Guide To Buying

The Down Low On: Low Profile Tires

The best low profile tires – what are they? They are tires geared towards car enthusiasts who are looking for two very distinct advantages.  One being performance. Low profile tires grip the road and hug around the curves, helping you get lost in the joy of riding the road. Two is for the appearance. Low profile tires have a unique look to them. There is less rubber around the rim compared to a normal tire. This style gives a sleek look when you’re draggin’ on the main strip in your home town or cruising into work.

Ultimate Guide To Low Profile Tires

Tire Brand
Pilot Sport A/S Plus
Kumho Ecsta AST KU25 $$$4.2
Durun Sport-One Ultra High $$$$3.1
Falken FK452 High Performance Tire$$$2.9
Pirelli P4 Four Seasons All-Season Tire$$$3.9

The 6 Best Low Profile Tires  Reviewed

Hankook Optimo H725

The Hankook Optimo H725 is one of the top selling low pro tires on the market and one of the prides of Hankook Tires. These tires are made to withstand all seasons and a variety of terrains. Most people are saying in forums and in their reviews that these tires are great in most daily driving conditions, and do fairly well in different types of weather, such as rain, or snow. Though they would not compare to snow tires, they are known to have good traction in deep and light snow as well as on ice.



Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus

The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus tire is high rated in customer reviews. They are known to have great all-weather performance, and better wet handling than some of their competitors. These particular tires have a Tri-Tread design- a cutting edge multi-directional tread pattern that has a special silica compound that helps it in slippery conditions such as rain or snow . They also have a special compound- TriFusion – that  when combined with the Tri-Tread design creates a balance of the ultimate all-weather performance tire.



Kumho Ecsta AST KU25

The Kumho Ecsta AST KU25 tire is another tire that is rated highly from those that have purchased them. The belt pack of this particular tire is constructed with a high-tensile steel  as well as, joint-less nylon caps. This way of construction helps to reinforce the tread, giving the tires stability at a high speed. These tires are made with an all-season compound that helps to improve the tire’s resistance to wear and lets you ride in comfort. Other features include: shoulder blocks that help prevent heel & toe wear, ultra hard bead filler that helps to maximize grip and durability at high speeds, and a rim protector, located in the lower sidewall, that helps protect the wheel against cuts and scratches.


Durun Sport-One Ultra High

 First and foremost on this tire and what seperates this from the rest, is price.. it’s half the price as most on the market, but has mixed reviews how it drives on the road, but the consensus from forums and reviews is after some couple hundred miles of “break in” wear  the specialized  silica rubber will settle in and create a  solid grip at various speed levels, also combined with the special tread that is “V” shaped adds an extra resistance and grip in wet weather conditions.

>> Click Here For Detail, Reviews, Specs & Ratings <<


Falken FK452 High Performance Tire

What seperates the FK452 High Performance Tire from the pack of performance tires? With staggered widths that help grip the road, ranging from 16″ – 24″ making a smooth and flexible tire to different road conditions. Like most of the performance tires, it has the silica compound and multi-angled grooves and will slice through wet road conditions and while perserving the minimal tire wear resistance. What’s special about this tire is it’s absorption technology that gives you low road noise due to the random variation of tread pattern, which is reinforced by a steel beard filler and a heavy duty dual tread compound, which gives a longer duration on tread wear.



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